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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whale of a Day in Marina Del Rey

The California Gray Whale is still hanging around the entrance area of Marina Del Rey. It's been here for a week now. There are quite a few people at the end of the jetty watching the whale as it feeds in at the entrance to the marina. After I left today, my friend Ted Soqui of the LA Weekly got a photo of some knucklehead petting the whale, breaking a federal law that protects marine animals. check out Ted's pix here A fisherman caught this shark in that same area of the jetty today.


FlutePrayer said...

I was hoping you'd get a chance to get more whale pictures. Thanks for these!

Bokalaka said...

Great pics-love seeing the whale :)
Too bad someone had to kill the shark. It would also be a beautiful picture, if it was alive.

Mark said...

Can anyone tell me what time the whale has been moving past the jetty? I'd love to go see it.


Chelsea said...

today (june 27, 2009) the whale was hanging around the cheveron oil pier in northern ventura area. it was hanging out in the kelp bed feeding.we talked to someone who had been tracking the whale since marina del ray, and it is supposed to hang around there for another day or so. there are many more kelp beds in that area where nicole (the whale) may feed. keep and eye out for her =]