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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Peter Fonda and BREAKING NEWS- actual rain in L.A.

The Washington Post assigned me to photograph the legendary Peter Fonda , one of the coolest of any celebrity I have ever worked with, totally down to earth and he's a photography buff . The time he spent chillin with the The Beatles , inspired the John Lennon's song "She Said, She Said" and Peter starred in Easy Rider , it doesn't get much better than that in my book. The actual shoot was great because it was just Peter and I in the room , 15 minutes with no publicists or anybody to distract us. That usually makes for nice pictures . I set up some lights , but I like the photos using natural light from the window the best. Much needed rain in drought stricken So Cal , a real good soaking with so much polluted water draining into the ocean that health officials warned people to stay out of the water , making it even dirtier than normal. The strange thing is that it never rains like this in September , today it is back to 70 degree temps and perfect weather. The Pacific Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier is the world's first Solar Powered Ferris Wheel , and is shown with residual clouds from the storm passing by.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Spot news photo

I was finishing working on a photo assignment downtown when I saw some heavy black smoke close to my location, so I couldn't resist driving over to take a look at this fire at a commercial building in East L.A. The fire was raging when I got there a few minutes later. I didn't even have to flash my press credential because I arrived before the police set up road blocks and police lines... I love it when that happens! Firefighters are always very cool about access , but more and more the police tend to be difficult about access at breaking news situations. I really noticed a change since 9-11. The LAPD changed their policy and make it much more difficult to get a coveted LAPD press pass. Sign of the times I guess.

Can you tell which is the human and which is his twin robotic android??
Zou Ren Ti , left ,and his robotic android identical twin on the right at the display for the Chinese company Xi'an Chaoren Sculpture Research Institute at Wired NexFest convention in Los Angeles