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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MySpace Suicide Case Verdict

Guilty verdicts were handed down in L.A. Federal Court Wednesday on three counts in the MySpace cyberbullying case against 49 year old Lori Drew of Missouri. She created a phony MySpace account posing as a boy in an online romance that led to the suicide of a 13 year Megan Meier. Lori Drew arrived to court with her daughter who was formerly a good friend of the deceased girl until they had a falling out, starting this sordid tale. As a tribute to Megan, her mother Tina Meier wore a photo pin with her daughter's image on it when she arrived today. Photography is not allowed inside Federal Courtrooms court , but due to a pouring rainstorm outside, Tina Meier and the U.S. attorney moved a press conference inside following the verdicts being read. New York Times Story

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