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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Suburban Oil Drilling

There are working oil wells just yards from homes and businesses in Signal Hill, California. Oil drilling in Los Angeles County amounts to about 27 million barrels a year, and 20% of US oil comes from domestic wells. With the huge spike in oil prices , there's a suburban oil boom taking place as wildcat oil drillers are renewing these aging oil fields. In the 1920's this area was the Saudi Arabia of it's time in terms of oil production.


FlutePrayer said...

I live in Signal Hill and can affirm that there are a LOT of working oil wells (and sometimes their aromas) scattered throughout the neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

2skeeeterliljamI just moved to signal hill.I can atest that they are vigorously drilling for oil in my backyard.Have they hit pay dirt??So much activity...Go USA