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Monday, May 19, 2008

Artist Shepard Fairey and his Obama Art

I recently had the opportunity to meet and photograph artist Shepard Fairey, he's a contemporary artist, graphic designer and illustrator who created an amazing image of Senator Barack Obama that is used by the campaign. He even received a thank you letter from Sen. Obama saying"Your images have a profound effect on people, whether seen in a gallery or on a stop sign," Shepard created the popular "Obey" stickers/posters as well. More than 80,000 of Fairey's Obama posters and 150,000 postcard-size stickers have been placed by supporters. Shepard personally put up giant posters on a building in the Bowery in NYC as well as select other spots in the U.S.

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moha said...

I actually have that Obama poster hanging in my bedroom. Faireys artwork is really something else. He's actually bieng featured in an upcoming film called Beautiful Losers. its set to premiere this summer in August, so go and check out the website!