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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

He's just eight years old, but the economic woes of 2011 were rough on him too. He has been living in a rescue mission on skid row in Los Angeles with his father and two siblings, they are hoping to move into their own place some time in January. His dad is doing what he can, applying daily for jobs and staying hopeful. This little guy is also doing his best, getting good grades in school, and talking about attending USC or Stanford in the future, and I'm rooting for him to make his dreams come true. At age 8, the interview bored him, he was tired and just curled up into the chair after a few minutes. I think I can say almost all of us are hoping for a better future, best of luck in 2012 to everybody!

1 comment:

Luis Gomez said...

Wonderful and moving post Jonathan. Thank you. Have a great 2012!