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Sunday, August 16, 2009

RAM - Free Medical Care in Los Angeles Thru Tuesday

Remote Medical Access has been providing free medical service since last week at the Forum in Inglewood. Thousands of people have been treated by an army of volunteers, there are only two days left as they wrap up here in LA on Tuesday, August 18. RAM usually goes to third world areas where care is urgently needed, but they are a huge number of people in need here in the States so they have come to LA. It is an amazing sight to see. While they are no more openings for patients, apparently they are in need of volunteers. Check the website for RAM hereaccording to RAM, approximately 2,700 volunteers has served over 8K patients with approx $2million worth of free servces @ no cost to taxpyr or govt in the first 6 days.

1 comment:

KellyJ said...

Excellent work Jon. Your photos bring dignity to those in service and those being served and creates a higher level of awareness for those us who get to see the photos.