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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shepard Fairey Arrested in Boston

It's been an interesting week for Shepard Fairey who was arrested Friday in Boston on misdemeanor warrants for tagging property with graffiti based on his Andre the Giant work . The arrest follows on the heels of the story this week about the AP taking legal action regarding the Obama poster image I posted about here. Fairey has been in Boston for the past two weeks preparing for a kickoff event at the Institute of Contemporary Art for his first-ever solo exhibition, called "Supply and Demand." I'm looking forward to hearing his side of these stories!
Update Feb 10- Shepard Sues AP


Mike said...

This is not Shepard Fairey's first solo show. He had one in 2007 at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC in 2007.

Jonathan Alcorn said...

I stand corrected. first solo show in a museum.