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Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome back Carter

Jimmy Carter , the 39th President of the USA , still going strong and making the world a better place at age 83. In town Working with 100's of volunteers on a Habitat for Humanity project building homes for the needy in Los Angeles late last week. He is a good man with integrity. "Jerry has to leave in 15 minutes" These are the words a publicist tells me as I am walking in to photograph Seinfeld for a story about "Bee Movie" , his first big project since the show ended. I'm still amped up from the hour and a half , 25 mile drive from Venice Beach to Burbank , taking every shortcut I could think of to get there on time. The smell of my smoking brakes in the air, as I made it just barely on time to Dreamworks Studio for my appointment. So, after firing off about 15 frames , somebody starts having a very loud conversation with Jerry from the back of the room. Jerry keeps looking over my shoulder while engaging with the interloper. I glance back and realize it's Jeffrey Katzenberg , a founding partner of the studio.Next thing I know, JK blurts out I have 5 more frames left to finish up, counting down as I shoot. And he was not kidding. So that was that. The Post ended up publishing the photo above of Seinfeld laughing at a Katzenberg joke. Life with the big boys!

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