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Monday, November 19, 2007

Old School Cool

"Mannix" starring Mike Connors was a top ten hit in the late 60's and early 70's and was one of the most violent shows in network television history. I recently went to his home in L.A. on assignment to get a "noir" looking shot of him for a story the in Washington Post. As soon as we started chatting I thought to myself, this guy is definitely cool and I knew we were going to make some nice pictures. I asked Mr Connors if he had any old props or mementos from his Mannix days. The gun in the photo is all he had, but it worked out great with the reflected light streaming through some blinds. And, of course he took the bullets out before we started.
He told me he hadn't been photographed in a long time , didn't really care for any publicity anymore, but the Post got him to appear in the paper for a story about the need to get Mannix released on DVD, and when it is , I'll be buying it.
Here's a quote from Neely Tucker's story in the Wash Post "Somewhere out there, there's a place where a sport-coat-clad private eye can whip around L.A. in a convertible, get beat down by some goons, shake it off with a Scotch on the rocks, then solve the case of the week with an assist from his leggy secretary" How awesome is that!!

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