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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fires Scorch Malibu and Southern California

Above photo from Day 2 of Malibu Fire, below Day 1

My day started in Malibu, and I spent the evening in Canyon Country. More high winds and heat are forecast for tomorrow , and the fires are still burning out of control. It got so crazy tonight that a couple firefighters needed me to help them deploy some hoses and turn the fire hydrant water on for them. What a day.


Morrison said...

Awesome work on the fire!

Anonymous said...

Be safe bro!

Megan said...

This is an award winning photo, good job!

KellyJ said...

Oh I really like the helicopter photo shot from underneath with the sun obscured by the fire chemicals from the copter. Nice color combinations and the way the chemicals are shooting out looks real cool.

Cheryl Himmelstein said...

Amazing images Jonathan. I remember shooting Alta Dena fires with you.. on film. Your work is so beautiful and emotional. It's such a hard time for so many people living in the burn areas. Images like yours are helping people reach out. Great work Jonathan!