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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Salon Massacre in Seal Beach, California

 A domestic dispute led to a horrible day in Seal Beach, California

All photos © Jonathan Alcorn/AFP

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Dr. Artour Rakhimov said...

There are many such seemingly foolish or unexplained killings and massacres committed these days. The usual justification is that the murderer was upset at someone or something.
Over 15 years in the past, back in Russia, I knew regular or normal individuals who, after being linked to one KGB-organized group, would do anything for their commander. In all instances, immediately after being connected, they became cynical to their families and frequently left them without the desire to keep in touch. They could even kill their family members or themselves if they were directed to do this. Why? This was since they were brainwashed. Naturally, the brainwashed, if detained, can later on tell any tale about his motives (whatever was told to him to tell).
You need to find out about KGB GULAG people in order to discover why GULAG KGB, not any different group, needs to be the main world’s mind controllers or brainwashers. KGB agents had more than 10 million individuals at their disposal, while GULAG labor camps had become the world’s greatest laboratory for brainwashing experiments. The goal of GULAG KGB agents was to obtain knowledge about enemies of the Soviet State employing all available methods and means. And they made it happen with over 10 million men and women using all kinds of torture, by killing their spouses and children, using rape, and so on.
After brainwashing, the individual turns into a robot or zombie which can carry out completely anything at all for the manager.
There are numerous such activities discussed on this page Brainwashing. The URL link is .
Needless to say, the brainwashed murderers are not accountable for those offenses. Most regular people would do the very same after being brainwashed.