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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Effects Minimal after Tsunami Advisory in LA County

Lifeguards were patrolling Venice Beach as a tsunami advisory for Los Angeles County beaches was in effect today following the massive Chilean earthquake. The National Weather Service reports that a 2.1 foot tsunami surge was measured at the Santa Monica tide guage when the tsunami energy arrived here at 12:24 pm today.
As I was standing on the beach I saw a low flying Southwest plane turn hard inland after taking off from nearby LAX, I could here the engine making strange sounds too. It turns out SWA flight #1644 had had a compressor stall in the number 1 engine and was able to safely land at LAX after a short ten minute flight


Anonymous said...

My friend lives on Venice Beach and looked out the window today and freaked out because a Southwest plane was just over the building. It was making an awful sound. Couldn't find any news about it until I found your blog. Thanks.

Jean Schintee said...

I learned about the 8.8 earthquake in Chile and the possible effects of a tsunami in Hawaii and LA beaches yesterday while my University was experiencing a blackout.

I was not able to watch the news or get on the internet to learn whether we would receive any of the earthquake’s after shocks.

I came across your blog and some Los Angeles Times articles that discussed how the warning for LA beaches brought spectators but (thankfully) little damage.

I also came across a helpful graphic that explained how a tsunami begins and the after effects.,0,6283406.graphic

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Chile.