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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Accidental PAP

So. I was at LAX last night working on a news story about the Australian Dr Death, he was being escorted back to Oz by federal agents for trial. So, all the sudden I see a horde of flashes going off across the way, I rush over and somebody tells me it's not Dr Death, but The Dark Knight's Batman himself: Christian Bale. Suddenly I'm shooting with a pack of paparazzi as Bale arrives coincidentally for a flight at the same time as the prisoner I am trying to get photos of. Only in Hollywood!
I'm not sure how a pack of about 10 paps knew that Christian Bale was going to be on that flight. It's definitely not the most honorable way to make a buck , but it's really a whole industry upon itself and they are obviously very dialed in on the whereabouts of the rich and famous. All things considered, I think I'll keep my day job.


Suzette said...

Great photo and so timely!
I've been in your position too, and I'm not a professional photog. Last fall in NYC, I went to Starbucks in Trump Towers on 5th, and much to my surprise walked right into a live filming of Sex in the City. The Paps were everywhere! I asked one of them for the scoop, and got a few pictures too.
The pap told me he was going to go get pix of Clooney after this so I asked him how he knew where to go. He told me he could tell me where to go, and no more.
Now I wish I had asked the pap for his phone number - they sure are on the inside!
You can see the pics on my blog,

Phiphi said...

Wow! Bet you didn't know he'd be arrested for assault in the next two days. Did you ever get your shot of the guy you were there to photograph on the first place?