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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Same-Sex Weddings in Los Angeles County

*Update 6-17-08 A very sweet and happy Jennifer Ramos and Antionette Bantigue wait to be issued their marriage license outside of the County of Los Angeles Registrar Recorder / County Clerk building in Norwalk, California June 17, 2008

A lesbian couple, Robin Tyler and Diane Olson celebrated the first official same-sex marriage in Los Angeles County Monday evening at the Beverly Hills Courthouse. They had tried to obtain a marriage license at the courthouse 5 times since 2004 and were denied each time. They were clearly very happy and emotional, and were joined by friends, family, their Attorney Gloria Allred, a Rabbi, the very aggressive and large contingent of media, and a handful of protesters.


KellyJ said...

Did you see Mr.Sulu from Star Trek? I guess he was the first person to get his marriage license in West Hollywood. This story has been front page news everyday in SF since it broke.

The Sitting Room said...

I can't believe Gloria Allred was there.