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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Code 10-107 . Suspicious person

As dawn broke this morning, I was on the rooftop deck of a luxury condo building shooting some birds eye view photographs of the view for their ad campaign. I arrived there before 6 AM. It was very quiet and peaceful watching the sun rise out of the east, that is, until two Beverly Hills cops showed up on the roof to see what I was up to. Not sure if they thought I was a sniper or a jumper, all they said was they saw me while driving up Wilshire Blvd , but after a brief conversation assuring them everything was copasetic , they were back to patrolling the mean streets of Beverly HillsThe photo below is Century City from the same rooftop, same day (no police) at dusk.


T Dog said...

Popo just mad that the donut shop was closed. Bunch of hata's.

aefpix said...

Nice colors.. warm, clear, and no traffic..Hey, how did you manage that? Nice image, almost makes me homesick. LOL!

Megan said...

That does make me homesick look at that perfect color sky! You don't get that anywhere else.