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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beverly Hills 90210 Oil Drilling

Did you know that there is oil in them there Beverly Hills? And that active drilling takes place on a daily basis. Take for example the camouflaged well at Beverly Hills High School with Century City skyscrapers looming in the background, which Erin Brokovich has been a crusading against. On Pico Bl and Doheny , a gas station sits just across the street from a drilling operation disguised as a non-decript building . Over at the Beverly Center ,walls cover the view of oil wells , the popular mall was constructed around the drilling on San Vincente and just across the street from Ceder-Sinai hospital.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting! Thanks. I always wondered what that structure was by the school. Being from the east coast I kind of just assumed that was the steam/ smoke stack for the boiler building for the school, never thinking that I've never seen one of those since I've lived out here.